What is Certification?

A test certificate tells the purchaser that a company’s products have been tested and they have a certificate to prove it. But caution still needs to be taken with this information. It provides only a snapshot of the product test.

Insist on third party certification

Third party certification tests and verifies a fire door's design, performance, manufacturing process and quality assurance from manufacture to installation. The company is independently audited to ensure that all the management and manufacturing processes and systems are in place to ensure consistency with the product that was tested. The product too, is subjected to regular scrutiny, with frequent testing taking place on standard products to ensure that the test wasn’t just a once-only event.

Two industry whitepapers, produced by the Fire Industry Association (FIA) are available for free download. (opens new window)

Testing a fire door at a UKAS approved test facility to BS476 part 22 or EN 1634 is the only sure way to prove that it is going to fulfil its rating.

All fire door and doorset manufacturers and licensed convertors identify their products by a unique labelling system which defines the member's name contact details, the certification number, a unique serial number for each door and the rating.

By listing this information, the label provides traceability through the supply chain, ensuring the manufacturer can always be contacted if information on the fire door is required.

Download our Fact Card on CERTIFICATION here.