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Fire door safety campaign gets strong political backing in 2016
The Fire Door Safety Week (FDSW) campaign to improve fire safety has received strong endorsements from Ministers. On Twitter? Want to support FDSW? Sign up to the Thunderclap and on Monday 26 September at 12:00pm you will be part of a simultaneous tweet promoting the campaign. Read more...
Door wedge sculpture warns of dangerous complacency in fire safety
'For most of us, it is almost impossible to imagine the inferno or the devastation afterwards, but we can all perhaps picture that sleepy Saturday evening, going to bed with a quiet and well deserved restful Sunday on our minds. Fire doesn’t happen ‘til it does.' Read more...
Building regulations need serious improvements on fire safety, says manifesto
A manifesto for fire safety has been produced by the BWF-Certifire fire door and doorset scheme, calling upon Westminster and devolved Governments to significantly improve the level of fire protection for building users within UK legislation. Read more...
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