Get Your Products Certified

To get any products certified, they must be subjected to the appropriate tests.

Fire door assemblies are assessed to the test method regimes of either BS 476: Part 22, Methods for determination of the fire resistance of non-loadbearing elements of construction or BS EN 1634, Fire resistance tests for door and shutter assemblies, Part 1, Fire doors and shutters.

The test is carried out on a complete installed assembly – the door leaf, door frame and essential ironmongery (hinges, closer and latches) alongwith intumescent seals.

Smoke control is determined by testing to BS 476: Part 31, Methods for measuring smoke penetration through doorset and shutter assemblies or BS EN 1634: Part 3, Smoke control doors. This is not a fire test but is designed to test the air leakage rate around the door.

Any changes to the door’s construction will usually require another test.

Doors are tested in each configuration – I.e. Single Acting (SA) – Single Leaf (SL) – Double Acting (DA) – Double Leaf (DL)

Under the BWF-CERTIFIRE Scheme, door hardware covers performance under fire test; durability (against relevant BS ENs or BSs) and quality assured manufacture under the ISO 9000 regime. The certificate issued for each product will give details on the scope of the product's certificated use on various fire-resisting door types.

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